Celebrities and Eminent Personalities from across the Globe have supported the Movement

Anushka Sen
Actress, India
Erik Solheim
Green Politician Diplomat, Peace Negotiator, Norway
Dr. Robert Goldman
Co-Founder, World Chairman-International Medical Commission, USA
Karan Johar
Filmmaker, India
H. E. Tatiana Valovaya
Director of UN Office, Switzerland
Christoph Daum
Football coach and manager, Germany
Singer, India
Janine Mehner
TV host, Germany
Shilpa Shetty
Actor, India
Dessy Dobreva
Actress & TV Host, Bulgaria
Kapil Sharma
Actor, India
Michelle Mussman
Illinois State Representative, USA
Owens Joe Shelby,
Running for judge in 7th judicial subcircuit, USA
Gopal G. Lalmalani
Mayor of Village of Oak Brook,
David Moore
Candidate, Illinois Secretary of State election, USA

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